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10,000 Clicks!

Posted by Nick Peris on August 15, 2009

Well, this is a bit of a milestone I guess!

These pages are not usually the stage for self-congratulation, but I didn’t want to let this go unmentioned. LocLoc has been up for less than 5 months and I wanted to seize this opportunity to thank you all for your interest! I’m told at least a few of these visits ended up in an enjoyable read rather than just click-through’s 🙂

So what’s the plan for the next 10,000? I’ve no doubt our activities will continue to be impacted by our fluctuating professional occupations, but I am determined to keep this project growing.

Our features about CAT tools have received good reactions so they will undoubtedly remain prominent. I want to add some variety to it though, and am planning to start looking at tools we haven’t mentioned yet.

Another thing I can say right now, is that we will keep away from carrying ads. This is virtually a zero-cost operation, so there is strictly no justification for any attempt at exploiting/polluting your viewing time. Our only cost is brain time and, believe it or not, we do it for fun!

I’ll finish off with some warm congratulations to Patrick and Sandra who recently married!

Thank you all and write to you soon!


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