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Happy Anniversary: 3 Years, 100,000 Visits!

Posted by Nick Peris on March 25, 2012

100,000 visits in 3 years! Thank you all so very much. Those clicks are what fuels our posts.

Thank you most particularly to those of you who come back, tweet, retweet, linkin, repost, comment and generally contribute to sharing information and opinions about our industry.

Localization, Localisation remains a non-commercial haven, a place to think about our profession without the pressure of daily sales targets, project deadlines and cost reduction plans. I think this is valuable to you, it certainly is to me.

So, let’s make a deal: I’ll keep the ads and sponsored links at bay, and you keep coming back 🙂

If you have any interest, WordPress compiled a funny report about you: https://localizationlocalisation.wordpress.com/2011/annual-report/ It’s a bit corny and self-indulgent, but some of the details about readers by country are interesting.


One Response to “Happy Anniversary: 3 Years, 100,000 Visits!”

  1. bhangraman said

    Excellent source of information. It has been and still is very benefic to me as a Localization Engineer to optimize the processes in our company.

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